First In Philippines, RMN Now Broadcasts In HD Radio Technology

July 19, 2007 at 8:32 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

MANILA – Radio Mindanao Network has announced the commencement of HD Radio Multicast broadcasting in the Philippines, using a Nautel HD Radio FM transmitter.

Station iFM 93.9 DWKC in Manila became the first commercial station in the country to broadcast with HD Radio technology as a limited test in 2006. This month, the station added another first when they expanded to full power broadcasting three digital audio channels in its current single frequency, using HD Radio multicasting capabilities, in addition to their traditional analog signal.

DWKC is operating their facility in hybrid mode, using their existing 35kW transmitter for the analog signal and a new Nautel 1kW HD Radio transmitter for the digital signal.

The system includes Nautel’s M50 digital exciter as well as Importer and Exporter.

Design and installation was provided by Broadcast World Philippines, one of the country’s most respected and experienced system integrators.

Three channels of digital programming are being broadcast by RMN in their HD Radio multicast operation. “We are excited and proud to be the first broadcaster in the Philippines to offer this advanced technology to our listeners,” said Engineer Charley S. Canoy, Vice-President for Engineering of RMN.

“Our HD Radio multicast gives RMN listeners even more choices in radio entertainment and information. We look forward to incorporating this technology throughout our network in the coming months and years.”

“Radio Mindanao Network has a long and honored position in the Philippines of leading the industry, and Nautel is pleased to be part of their landmark achievement,” said Peter Conlon, President and CEO of Nautel Ltd. “We look forward to working with RMN in the future as they continue the advancement of broadcast technology in their country.”

“The leadership demonstrated by Radio Mindanao Network in their adoption of HD Radio multicasting is a boost not only for digital radio, but for the broadcasting business in the Philippines, Asia and around the world,” said Perry Priestley, Director, International Broadcast Business Development at iBiquity Digital Corporation.

“Creative, dedicated broadcasters who are investing in revolutionary technology are good for continued healthy growth of HD Radio broadcasting and the radio industry in general.”

The Radio Mindanao Network was founded by Henry R. Canoy in 1952. The group, which will celebrate its 55th anniversary on-air in August 2007, owns and operates more than 50 AM, FM and TV stations throughout the Philippines. (RadioView.Net)


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  1. Good luck selling new, expensive HD radios:

    “HD Radio is a Farce!”

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