Ensure Safety Of Filipino Prisoners Against Diseases

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MANILA, Philippines (Mindanao Examiner / 14 Aug) – Philippine jail officials were ordered Tuesday to ensure the safety and protection of prisoners against diseases.

Heavy rains since last week have submerged many streets and flooded jails in Metro Manila and fears of an outbreak of diseases, particularly leptospirosis, worried jail officials.

Armando Llamasares, director of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, ordered jail officials and wardens to ensure the safety of the inmates against leptospirosis.

Leptospirosis is an infectious disease of human and animals caused by the spirochete and characterized by fever, muscular pain and jaundice, affecting the liver and kidney, causing death in some cases and also other water-borne diseases.

Llamasares directive was in compliance with the orders of Interior Secretary Ronaldo Puno to clean jail premises and unclog sewers and canals to prevent flood and incidents of water-borne diseases.

Leptospirosis infection occurs by direct contact with an infected animal’s urine or long exposure to a contaminated water or soil. Rats are the most common carrier and probable source of leptospirosis.

Abraded skin and exposed mucous membranes are the usual portals of entry of the infection.

Llamasares told regional jail directors and wardens to coordinate with health officials and report any inmates showing symptoms of leptospirosis infection like high fever, prostration or extreme physical weakness or exhaustion, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. (Michelle Bonto)


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