Indigenous Peoples Join “Kalimudan”

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DAVAO CITY, Philippines – One of the primary objectives of the “Kalimudan: Panaghi-usa sa Mindanao (Mindanao Indigenous Peoples’ Gathering)”, a cultural extravaganza slated on November 17-25 at the Magsaysay Park, is to celebrate the richness of the Mindanao’s indigenous tribes’ unique cultures and to foster a deeper cultural understanding to sustain a culture of peace.

To support this goal, various tribes from all over Mindanao have pledged their support to participate in this endeavor. From Northern Mindanao, the Higaonon, Tala-andig, Uamyamnon/Tigwahanon, Caraga, Banwaon/Higaunon, Agusan Manobo, Mamanwa and Kamayo tribes will showcase their living cultures and traditions.

The colorful tribes of the Subanen and Yakan will represent Western Mindanao while the famous T’boli and Te’duray tribes will represent South Central Mindanao.

From the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao, the Maguindanao, Maranao, and Tausug tribes will proudly exhibit their cultural heritage. Davao Region, the region with the most number of tribes in the Philippines, will have theAta-Manobo, Dibabawon, Manguangan, Bagaobo-Tagabawa, Tagakaolo, B’laan, Mansaka, Mandaya, K’agan/K’lagan, Sama and Sangil tribes.

Kalimudan is divided into four components, namely the vernacular architecture showcase, cultural performances and exhibits, public forum, skills-share and creativity workshops, and the trade fair, craft sales and auction.

One of the highlights of the event is in the indigenous peoples’ architectural showcase where diverse characteristics of the highland, midland and coastal dwellings will be constructed, such as the Ata-Manobo house, Dibabawon Shaman’s house, B’laan healing house, Mansaka tree house, Bagobo Datu’s house, Tagakaolo Farm dwelling for rice storage, Mandaya weaver’s house, Kalagan royal house, among many others.

The indigenous tribes of Mindanao will not only participate in the forum series with legislators, educators and otger private agencies but will also join in the creativity workshops that include craft production, design enhancement, traditional performing arts, visual arts sector workshop, musical instrument-making, techno-demo and food tasting of indigenous cuisine, and games and traditional sports. (Ian Garcia)


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