GMA Program Launched In Sarangani Province

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A truck loaded with sacks of wooden coal is heading to General Santos City from Maasim town in Sarangani Province. Coal production from trees cut from the mountains of Sarangani is prevalent in the province. Unabated production of coal from trees contributes to the slow denudation of mountains of Sarangani. The Department of Agriculture also announced that it would release animals to at least 7 villages in Sarangani as part of the government program to mitigiate hunger. (Mindanao Examiner Photo/Gandhi C. Kinjiyo)

SARANGANI, Philippines (Mindanao Examiner / Feb. 02, 2008) – In its goal to mitigate hunger by providing additional income among the poorest of the poor, the Department of Agriculture Region 12 is dispersing animals among qualified beneficiaries in the province.

“This is in line with the ‘hunger mitigation program’ of President Arroyo,” Dr Joselito B. Gleyo, Provincial Veterinarian of Sarangani said in an interview during the Animal Health Care Seminar conducted recently at the provincial gymnasium here.
“With this, we will be able to help the poorest of the poor in the less developed barangays (villages) of the province,” he said.
Gleyo said some 445 heads of chicken and 159 goats will be dispersed to chosen villages in the seven municipalities of Sarangani.
To ensure that the project will be sustained, the provincial government will sign a Memorandum of Agreement with village councils that would help monitor the progress of the project.
Gleyo said that each beneficiary would receive either one goat or 5 heads of chicken, mostly Sasso and Kabir. He said the beneficiaries would follow a mechanism to ensure that the animals will reach succeeding beneficiaries.
“The goat or chicken will remain under the ownership of the Municipal Agriculturist Office until they return what were given to them,” he said, explaining that the beneficiaries will sign an affidavit of undertaking citing their commitment to take care of the animals and return one 3-month old of female kid to those who would avail the animals.
The Municipal Agriculture Office and the Barangay Council will be in-charge in identifying succeeding beneficiaries.
He stressed that the beneficiaries should undergo Animal Health Care seminar for them to have knowledge on animal nutrition, common diseases and prevention. Beneficiaries will receive the farm animals after undergoing animal health care seminar.
Sarangani is known to be the 4th poorest province in the country. The provincial government, with the help of other institutions, is keen in providing the constituents of the province with the basic services like potable water.
The provincial government also prioritize improving farm to market road to increase the income of farmers. Agriculture and fishing are the two major economic activities of the people of Sarangani.
Among the institutions and organizations that supported the projects are the Growth with Equity in Mindanao, Japan International Cooperation Agency, United Nations Development Program, United Nations Children Educational Fund, Food and Agriculture Organization, Peace with Equity Foundation and local non-government organizations.
Governor Miguel Rene A. Dominguez expressed optimism about the program and other projects in the province. He said it would bring about economic stability and provide basic needs to people, quality education, enterprise development, peaceful communities and investments. (Gandhi C. Kinjiyo)


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