NBN-ZTE Whistle Blower Jun Lozada, Maiinit Na Tinanggap Sa Cebu

March 18, 2008 at 4:18 pm | Posted in 1 | 3 Comments

CEBU (Mindanao Examiner / Mar. 18, 2008) – Maiinit pa rin ang tanggap ng mga taga-Cebu kay NBN-ZTE deal whistle blower Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada kahit na diumano’y binusalan ni Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal ang bibig ng mga pari na magsalita ukol sa eskandalo na kinasasangkutan ng pamahalaang Arroyo.

Kalat ang balitang pinagbawalan diumano ni Vidal ang mga pari sa Cebu na magmisa kay Lozada ng ito’y dumating doon kamakalawa bilang bahagi ng kanyang pagiikot upang ipabatid sa publiko ang katotohanan sa overpriced NBN-ZTE deal.

Si Vidal ay kilalang supporte ni Pangulong Gloria Arroyo at kamakailan lamang ay napaulat itong makipagkita ng sikreto sa mag-asawang Arroyo sa Wack-Wack.

Bagamat itinanggi ni Vidal na binusalan nito ang mga pari ay umani naman ito ng batikos mula sa kampo ni Lozada.

Binansagan rin ni Lozada na mayroon “Archbishop of Malakanyang” sa Cebu at ang Black and White Movement naman ay sinabing mistulang “Congressman in Cassock,” si Vidal dahil sa naging asta nito. Nais sana ni Lozada at ng grupo nito na magkaroon ng misa para sa katotohanan sa Cebu, subali’t walang pari ang gustong lumabag sa utos ni Vidal.

Galing si Lozada sa Ilo-ilo na kung saan ay pinagbawalan rin ni Justice Secy. Raul Gonzales ang mga paaralan doon na papagsalitain ito. Subali’t mas mainiit ang naging pagtanggap kay Lozada dahil sa laki ng simpatyang tinanggap nito.

Pilit na sinisira ng Malakanyang ang mga pagbubunyag ni Lozada ukol sa NBN-ZTE deal na kinapapalooban diumano ni dating Elections chief Benjamin Abalos, Sr. na inakusahang nag-overpriced sa proyektong nagkakahalaga ng $330 milyon.  Itinanggi naman ni Abalos at ni Arroyo ang lahat ng bintang. (Mindanao Examiner)



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  1. This blog is pathetic! It is not telling the truth the word that Lozada and cohorts are trying to portray in front of the filipno people … this is the truth and hopefully those who has earlier read this blog would still be able to read this reply so they will have the knowledge of who really has the truth: 1. ONLY A HANDFUL or LESS THAN A THOUSAND ATTENDED LOZADA’s in cebu and that included those who came with him from manila and leftists in cebu. 2. LOZADA has admitted that he has nothing more to say and the cebuanos already know that! 3. Lozada got the ire of all cebuano’s because he attacked the good and highly revered archbishop to be the representative of malacanang when the truth is he has not prevented any priest to say a mass for lozada but that not one priest just like the manner lozada is preaching his truth. 4. Somebody from the thin croud who really want to know lozada’a real purpose was instead manhandled for asking why until now it is still the senate when the only government branch that can prosecute is the judiciary. 5. all leaders(mayor osmena, gov gwen garcia, congressmen cuenco and del mar), radio commentators (except the hated and biased abs-cbn), and news headlines, vented their ire for what lozada has done…. comments – sadly it seems that manila is once again dragged by and drugged by the drug money …

  2. one thing more … lozada is using the interfaith for his rally .. since not one catholic priest accepted his request (but only later on), why did he not approached the aglipayan priests or the muslim imams of cebu … he could have for sure gotten the smae reply …

  3. Pathetic? This blog? Or the reports that we posted, the truth really hurts. From somebody who uses JoeDeV to leave a comment because of the report is really pathetic. The alias you use really raises more questions than answers on you real motive.

    Well, opinion is for everybody – it is free! But this blog is just reporting the truth, just like Lozada, but if rabid supporters of those who are being accused of wrongdoings speak out, then this blog and its news appear pathetic. Well…news is news.

    Here is one from the Sunstar Cebu:

    Lozada visit organizers insist they felt effects of ban order

    ORGANIZERS of the Cebu visit of Senate witness Rodolfo Lozada Jr. last Monday appealed to the public not to dwell on “trivial things” and lose focus on the purpose of his visit.

    Professor Judy Aguilar of the University of San Carlos (USC) Department of Sociology and Anthropology said Lozada was invited so that “we will hear the truth from him, which is the corruption going on in the government and what the people are doing to arrest corruption.”

    “What is coming out (in the media) is no longer focused on this. What came out are the ethnic slurs regarding the mass that pushed through. Let us redirect the issue here and not dwell on trivial things based on what is coming out (in the media),” she said.

    Lawyer Poch Cinco of the National Union of People’s Lawyers (NUPL) added that Lozada was invited so that the Cebuanos will be “afforded the opportunity to see him personally, raise questions personally, and give local media the chance to interact with this particular witness.”

    “It is not one of the purposes that the issue will be diverted from the issue of the national broadband network graft and corruption to more trivial things like this so-called slurring of the Cebuanos and the appealing to the regionalistic attitude of the province. (It’s) very unfortunate,” he said.

    Both Cinco and Aguilar were referring to the call by Cebu leaders and a priest for Lozada to apologize for the attack on Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal and his priests.

    During the forum at USC gym last Monday, Lozada spoke of “spiritual harassment” and the “Archdiocese of the Malacañang” after he learned that a mass for him was cancelled because they could not get a priest to celebrate it.

    Aguilar explained that a thanksgiving mass was really part of the plan for Lozada’s visit as the witness’ way of expressing his gratitude that he was able to share his experiences with the Cebuanos.

    She said they asked a priest to hold mass but the same priest told one of their organizers “in confidence” that he would back out.


    While Aguilar did not elaborate on the reasons for backing out or identify the priest, she said that Vidal’s secretary, Fr. Mhar Balili, called her to ask for the name of the priest.

    “I told him to respect our right to privacy and confidentiality. I told him na mura naman ni og witch-hunting. And I was really harassed. Before he talked with me, he also talked with Sister Estrella Castalone, one of the nuns who was part of (Lozada’s) entourage.”

    “Sister told him that if it is true there is no order from the Cardinal, give us a priest to hold a mass. He said, ‘You are demanding from us.’ But Sister said that we are not demanding from you, we are asking for a priest,” she said.

    “Ang gidaganan ni Lozada ron is the Church. Why were we not given a priest out of 300 or more priests in Cebu?” said Aguilar.

    She said the call was made around 3 p.m. last Monday.

    Sun.Star Cebu contacted Balili for his side but he sent a text message saying he will not comment on it so as not to complicate the situation.


    Aguilar also explained that a mass was never requested to be held at USC because “at the onset, we really decided to just have a forum at the university.”

    A mass, celebrated by Catholic priests Fr. Christopher Exsala and Fr. Jesus Dumaual, pushed through Monday night. It was held at the convent chapel of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Spirit in Mabolo, Cebu City.

    Cinco said the organizers agreed with Castalone, who said that they really don’t know if there was a direct order from Cardinal Vidal not to officiate masses for Lozada but they “felt the effects” even during the preparation for the visit.

    “Basing my observation on the media, Cardinal Vidal reportedly said that he won’t invite Lozada and that he is not needed for us to know the truth. This probably has an effect on the clergy because this can be taken as a policy statement, spoken by Cardinal Vidal himself,” he said.

    He also cited the meeting of the prelate with the First Couple at Wack-Wack, Mandaluyong and the presence of Presidential Management Staff Director General Cerge Remonde in the recollection of priests early this month as other factors that led to the situation.


    For lawyer Rex Fernandez, one of the legal counsels of Lozada, the call for apology is a “stupid” move by government officials because they are not the ones attacked.

    “Also, it is for Lozada to decide whatsoever if Cardinal will ask for an apology but that remains speculative. The government officials are not in the position to say about the goodness of a person. Lozada has accepted that he is a sinner but he told the truth. So let these persons desist being spokespersons of the Church when they are not,” said Fernandez.

    Among others, Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia has said she hoped that Lozada will realize his statement was a slur, and Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña has said he considered Lozada’s statements as a “natural reflection of the attitude of the people of Manila to the Cebuanos.”

    USC invited Lozada to Cebu. The expenses for his trip were shared by organizing groups, including USC political science and sociology-anthropology departments, Youth-serving Organization United for Truth, NUPL, and the Community Empowerment Resource Network. (NRC)

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