South Leyte To Regulate Use Of Chainsaws

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SOUTHERN LEYTE, Philippines (Mindanao Examiner / Apr. 04, 2008) – A proposal regulating the use of chainsaws are gaining public support in southern Leyte province in central Philippines.

Many forest poachers are using chainsaws to fell down trees and provincial and environment officials are alarmed by the denudation of mountains. The proposal is aimed at minimizing, if not eradicating illegal cutting of trees in southern Leyte.

This was learned during a recent gathering of municipal mayors in Maasin City. The meeting, presided over by the Rep. Roger Mercado, discussed the problem of illegal logging and the rampant of use of chainsaws by unscrupulous tree cutters.

Hinundayan Mayor Evelyn Lim was asked about her views and opinions on the protection of trees in her town where illegal cutting of trees of have been reported.

Lim disclosed that illegal tree cutters have encroached in the watershed areas. She strongly suggested that all chainsaws must be kept in a depository in each municipality as controlling measure of its abusive use. Chainsaw owners are yet to discuss the proposal to regulate the use of the cutter.

Floriano Leonor, City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) chief, informed the mayors and other officials that the registration of chainsaws in the province is renewable every three years, but there was no monitoring on its specific use after its registration.

Lim suggested to CENRO to recall and inspect all registered chainsaws to check if they are still functional and to control the growing numbers of unregistered chainsaws.

“We should make a uniformed resolutions or ordinances in all municipalities to make it compulsory to deposit all registered chainsaws in a designated depository to be handled by municipal council official for close monitoring of its usage”, Lim said.

Furthermore, a series of sessions are still to be conducted for discussions and deliberations of the proposed chainsaw use ordinances and resolutions before it can be effectively implemented. (Quirico M. Gorpido, Jr.)


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