Photo: Anti-Nur Misuari Sign In Sulu Province

April 8, 2008 at 5:06 pm | Posted in 1 | 5 Comments

A young boy looks curiously at a sign left by unidentified men at the Jolo airport in the southern Philippine province. The sign criticized Nur Misuri, founder of the Moro National Liberation Front for sending a woman to represent the former Muslim rebel group at a meeting of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) in Senegal. The sign reads: Misuari has no right to send Yolanda, a Yahudi, to head the MNLF delegation to the last OIC summit meeting in Dakar, Senegal.” Misuari was ousted last week as MNLF chairman, by his former aides and named Muslimin Sema, the mayor of Cotabato City, as the new head of the organization. (Mindanao Examiner Photo)


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  1. Quetal ustedes? Yo si Yolanda being referred to in this banner in Jolo. It says I am a Jew. Zamboanguena yo. I am married to a Stern, an American of Norwegian heritage whose father was of 1/3 Russian Jewish heritage. The OIC invited Nur Misuari at the 11th Summit of Sovereigns and Heads of States becasue it has enjoyed a permanent Observer Status since 1971. As an Observer, it was entitled to 2 official delegates. Chairman Misuari sent Ustadz Zain Jali, the Chairman of the Peoples Council, and Abdul Muhaimin. My husband and I went as s Support team because he speaks French and I know the secretariat staff. Dakar is a French speaking country. 13 other people tried to attend the summit from the Philippines, but only the 2 official MNLF delegates were allowed in. They were very strict and stuck to the rules. I am the MNLF Senior Adviser to the Americas and I split the job with our team. The sign translates: Yolanda a Jew, obviously an anti jewish and anti femal remark directed at my husband and my married name. To know about me, pls. click on the website I am copying you and the links will tell you more. I signed an MOU with the MNLF in 1996 after the Peace Agreement. I will continue working with Chairman Nur Misuari towards Peace for Mindanao until the leadership is determined by the Peoples Congress and not by underhanded treachery. Our foundation works hard to serve the people of the Philippines, especially Mindanao. I am a daughter of Mindanao, a free woman. Pity those who still resort to medieval thinking!

  2. That photo is one of the reasons we shall never have Peace in Mindanao. Can you trust Moslems who think like that and then hide behind the cloak of anonimity? We happen to know that Nur Misuari as the official invitee to the 11th Summit in Dakar, was not allowed to go by the government. So he sent the best possible emmissaries who could go. Ustadz Zain Jali was the head of the 2 men official delegation and Abdul Muhaimin and Ms Yolanda and her husband were the support team. Misuari’s team was not funded by other countries or they could have also sent 12 representatives. The anonymous sign must have been funded by those who went to Dakar and were not recognized. We could not reach Ms Yolanda for comments but we know that she and her husband have done more for Mindanao and Moslem empowerment than the men who wish to detroy Misuari by calling her a Jewish Woman. She is afterall a proud Daughter of Mindanao who grew up in Zamboanga, Basilan, calls Manalipa home to her forbears, and has vowed to bring economic empowerment to Sulu and Moslem Mindanao. If anonymous men want to declare them her enemies they should identify themselves. Their relatives may be sitting in the wheelchairs that they have been giving out to the poor of Jolo. They may not want to order them off, especially the crippled women.

  3. Well, Ms. Yolanda although you are a Mindanaoan, you ‘re still not a member of the MNLF. That’s reality and you had to accept it. Do not underestimate the new leadership now of the MNLF because without these leaders, Misuari is nothing and neither you has the right to scrutinize their decisions. Misuari already made a big blunder by exchanging the struggle of the MNLF for a piece of paper where implementation never became a reality and where it only made rich foundations like yours, non-MNLF individuals who grab the opportunity of being close to Misuari and some government officials and NGO’s. May I suggest that you make your reasons and criticisms heard in front of the MNLF Central Committee, the original one, and also hear them what they will say to you not just termed those who opposed your presence in the MNLF seat as having “medieval thinking”. You may reason a million times but you still don’t have the right to represent the MNLF.

  4. The problem with Nur Misuari is that he never value the efforts of those people who placed him to the top. The truth is, he is not the only founder of the MNLF, but just one of them and he now claims he’s the only founder of the MNLF. He should accept now that his excesses of dictatorial decisions and arrogance resulted to his situation now. And Misuari’s allowing Yolanda to represent the MNLF is a total betrayal of the noble cause of the MNLF. If we only follow Islamic way of punishing traitors of Jihad, what happen to Misuari now is not enough punishment for his treachery. Yolanda should call her boss the one perpetrating “underhanded treachery” not those leaders who were sincere in their Jihad Fi Sabillillah. Of course, you can’t understand this because you are not a Muslim and never became a Muslim.

  5. Je suis d’accord avec le commentaire de la mme. Prudencio. Les membres de Non-MNLF ne devraient pas interférer leurs affaires même si ils sont les plus proches de l’ancien Président Nur Misuari. Mme. Yolanda devrait avoir pour s’empêcher d’accepter la représentation du MNLF dans le chef d’Etat d’OIC la réunion au sommet au Sénégal même si il était commandé par Miusari. Les gens devraient respecter ces révolutionnaires qui étaient passés par des difficultés de bataille pendant la taille de leur guerre en quelques années 70. Ils devraient être celui qui devrait représenter leur organisation dans l’OIC parce qu’elles sont celles qui ont été opprimés et plusieurs de leurs familles sont mortes et sont devenues martyred. Mme. Yolanda ne peut pas parler pour ces personnes de Moro et elle devrait avoir assez de convenance pour savoir ceci. Comment la pitié certains essayent de saisir le crédit pour ces personnes de Moro quand ils ne sont pas ceux qui ont le droit. Misuari devrait le penser au-dessus de ce qu’il a fait à ses camarades. Il était celui qui était fautif non ses personnes parce qu’il était le chef et toutes les pailles dans l’organisation tout seront blâmées sur lui.

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